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The Right Prayer

“O Lord thou knowest, remember me, and visit me” (Jer. 15.15).

We need to pray continually that our loving God may give us that spiritual desire which the Psalmist breathes in these words: ‘Remember me, O Lord’. It does not require a very long prayer to express our desire to know God. It requires only simple faith.

Once, a small child was learning English in school. He was learning the letters: abc. Then one day he began to pray. He said: ‘Lord, a b c d.’ After a moment’s silence he prayed again: e f g h I j k l m n o p q…’ ‘My child, what are you doing?’ interrupted his mother. ‘I am praying,’ said the child. ‘What are you praying?’ ‘Mother, I don’t know how to spell, but God can spell. You say b a t is bat, c a t is cat, f a t is fat. I do not know how to spell even simple words, so I am giving the letters to God and He can do the spelling.’ That child had the right attitude. He was praying with faith. Whether or not you know how to use proper words in prayer does not matter. The question is, do you pray in faith? Can you truthfully say: ‘Yes, Lord, I believe you will remember me. Remember me, O Lord, remember!’ These are only simple words, but let them come from the heart. Do not look at yourself, or your condition, or even at your sins and failures. Look away to Him, your loving and living Saviour who loves you more than anybody else, whether father, mother, wife, brother, sister, child or friend.

Meditation by Bakht Singh


Hang In There

My wife and I had barely settled into our new home. We were just starting our family and there was little room in the budget for extras – let alone disaster. So we were not prepared when the neighbors sprawling 100 year old oak tree decided it had had enough, uprooted itself late one night and found a resting place on our roof – or should I say through our roof! Repairing the damage was about a four month ordeal and, believe me, seeing our roof draped in blue tarp for that long without knowing how it was going to get fixed or who was going to pay for it was an anxiety causing event.

When things go unexpectedly; when a big wrench is thrown into your life, how do you react? If you find yourself quickly mired in anger, frustration, fear or anxiety you are proving that you drink from your own shallow well of self-sufficiency. On the other hand, genuine trust in God means believing that he has allowed this to come into your life for a reason; that He is pruning you for greater fruitfulness (John 15:2); that every bump in the road brings you a little closer to who you were meant to be. Trust in God! The Spirit of God is all powerful so give the Spirit more authority than you give to your fears. This abiding faith gives God room to move and leaves the believer more pliable and useful in His hands. It is manifested in a submissive heart that leads to an all-encompassing peace of mind no matter the circumstance – proof you drink from the everlasting well that will never run dry (John 4:14).


The Unseen Path

When the Red Sea saw You, O God, its waters looked and trembled! The sea quaked to its very depths…Your road led through the sea, Your pathway through the mighty waters–a pathway no one knew was there! Psalms 77:16.19 NLT

What is standing in your way? The children of Israel believed that the Red Sea was the obstacle keeping them from the promise of God. What do you believe is standing in your way?

God describes the Red Sea in a different way than the children of Israel may have. He said it was the pathway to the promise. The very thing that seemed overwhelming and impossible to deal with, God describes as a pathway. Are we seeing things the way God does? Are we looking at what is standing before us as a problem or a pathway?

What is your Red Sea? As we look at these verses in Psalms we find that what made them fearful was actually no problem at all for God. We must understand that our problems and obstacles are no match for our amazing God, either. The Red Sea saw God and trembled! Your obstacle has to do the same!

No one knew there was a pathway in the middle of a raging sea, but there was. It couldn’t be seen at first, but that is why we must see with eyes of faith. There is a pathway that you cannot see right now, but don’t let that stop you. Move forward! Boldly proclaim God’s promises for you even when things look impossible. What is impossible for man is possible with God – we can know that our God is greater than anything that tries to stand in our way.

Meditation by Stephanie White


GLS Launches New Malayalam Titles

Pathanamthitta: GLS launched four new scholarly titles in Malayalam. The new four books will help both laymen and Bible teachers to get more insight into Angelology, Eschatology, Science and Bible and Biblical Archeology. The four books are fruition of long time scholarly endeavor of well-known Bible Scholar KV George. The books Biblum Puravasthushashtraum, Daivaddothashastram, Kristuvinte Punaragamanvum Bhavikala Sambhavangalum and Shastrayugathil Bible Viswasaniyamo  will equip the Malayalam Churches with much knowledge in the specialized subjects. The books are available with GLS Book Stores in Pathanamthitta and Mumbai, also with leading Christian Book stalls. Can buy online at


The Recipe for Joy

“Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.” Habakuk 3: 18

When I was a young girl my grandmother lived just a few miles away from me. I spent as much time at her house as I did at mine. I cannot count the times I watched her bake a cake or cook a meal. I have still use many of her recipes. But the most important recipe she gave me was how to live a life full of joy.

The following was her recipe: J stands for Jesus He deserves and must always be put first in your life. My grandmother always started her day by reading her bible and praying. When she had a decision to make, she prayed seeking His will first. Jesus always came first with her.

When you have to make a decision pray asking what He would have you do or say. If you are still undecided, for example, if your friends want you to go with them somewhere, ask yourself if Jesus would go there, if not you should not go either. Remember Jesus lives in your heart so everywhere you go He goes also.

O stands for others. Place the needs of others before your own wishes. If you have to make a choice between visiting a sick friend and going to the movies with another friend, you should make time for the sick friend first. My grandmother was not one to sit around doing nothing. She was always sending someone a card, calling to check on a friend, or busy in the kitchen cooking something for someone in need. She cared about other people and the love of Jesus shown through her and drew others to Christ.
Y stands for you, notice that it is the last letter in the word, “joy”. We need to take care of ourselves by eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of rest. However, our wants and needs should not be the number one priority in our life.

As Christians, we have not been promised a life of permanent happiness but we can be joyful all the time knowing that Christ has saved us from our sins, He is in control of our lives, and nothing can separate us from Him. Do you want a life of joy? Give my grandmother’s “joy” recipe a try it tastes heavenly!

Dear Lord, thank You for my grandmother who taught me about You and how to live a joyful life. I pray that her “recipe” may be used to give others a joyful life, as well. In Jesus’s name, amen.


Meditation by Karen B. White


Jesus Honoured


“Jesus said…. If a man love me, he mill keep my words” (John 14.23).

Many people take pride similarly in the work of God. They are ignorant of God’s Word, and think it is old fashioned. Instead they take pride in their degrees and their philosophy, and to impress the crowds they use worldly means. They do not use God’s Word as they should. In preaching they use references to break up what they say, but men can never go against God’s Word. God uses different methods to break our pride in culture, in nationality and education. It is only through humility and full obedience that we can build the house of God: only through acknowledging the headship and kingship of God. To show this, the Lord Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on the colt of an ass, as a humble person and not in all His glory. We find this colt of an ass walking on garments and honour given to it.

How that colt was honoured! We have the same honour when we uphold the Lord Jesus in the right way. We in ourselves have no honour as God’s servants, but when we obey the Lord fully, wherever we go we are, showered with love and kindness in so many ways. If, however, we start kicking like an ordinary colt we also will be beaten.

Meditation by Bakht Singh


Catch That Thought

. . . and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Cor 10: 5b NIV
Our thought life makes up a vast portion of who we are. It’s where we choose to love, or hate, or build up, or destroy. It’s where we ponder on lessons learned, choose areas of study, decide major issues. But it’s also where tiny thoughts can build into mountains and where mountains can fall on us and destroy us.
It’s not an easy thing to do. Today a thought may be captured and be under control. We feel good about it and think that we’ve won that battle. But just when all is going well, the rogue thought pops up again and the chase is on to capture it.
Why does this happen? I believe it’s the war between our old nature and our new. When we put our faith in Jesus and become a Christ-follower, our sins are forgiven; but we still battle the old nature. Believing in Jesus is the beginning of our walk with Him. He wants us to grow and develop. So often we see sincere people who have made a decision for Christ, but stop there.
How can we succeed with this process? I believe we must ask God to search our hearts, and we need to do this on a regular basis. When an unacceptable thought enters our minds, instead of entertaining it, we need to release it; release it before it grows into something bigger than we can handle.
God wants us to be holy as He is holy. He wants us to walk in His ways. So start the chase; capture those unwanted thoughts and turn them over to God.

Meditation by Sharon Dow


Right Selection

 “Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not” (Jer. 45.5).

We can see clearly what was in the heart of Lot. He desired popularity and when he became more wealthy, he also became more ambitious for name and fame. Many believers in the same way become ambitious for name, power and authority. They are also anxious to become leading men in the assembly, not because they have spiritual concern but because they want a name. Please take warning, and do not let worldly prosperity deceive you. What God gives in His own time is far better than earthly riches.

We see in Gen. 12.1 that even though Abraham had to make a very big sacrifice in leaving Ur of the Chaldeans, yet God had some other way to compensate him. He did not have to go to Sodom and Gomorrah to get more cattle and money. God in His own way began to supply his need. So we believers should not adopt worldly ways or methods to get more money or income, for God has His own way to give us what we need.

We are told in verse 14 that after Lot was separated from him, God appeared to Abraham. After he had obeyed God and separated from Lot, the Lord gave Abraham further instructions. He said to him, “Lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art, northward and southward, and eastward; for all the land that thou seest, to thee will I give it and to thy seed” (v. 14-15). God was showing to Abraham more and more what kind of an inheritance He had for him and for his seed.

Meditation by Bakht Singh