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Be Still


Be still and know that I am God….  Psalms 46:10 (NIV)

Being “still” resonates in different ways with different people. Many perceive it to be a waste of time or unproductive. While this may seem true to the mind’s reasoning, the spirit’s understanding would beg to differ.

Jesus remained forty days in the desert. Most would agree that He probably didn’t have much to do to keep himself busy during that time. However, Jesus knew all too well that in the spirit realm, things were busier than ever! He knew that the way was being opened for God’s ultimate plan to come to pass – that He, the greatest sacrifice of love ever known to man, would conquer death, sin, and reconcile all of mankind to the heavenly Father by giving eternal life to whomever would believe. That is quite a feat for staying put forty days in no man’s land!

Stillness is a precious time in which we can lean on our Heavenly Father and experience the calm and peace of his wonderful healing presence. Know this, that while you are resting in the arms of the One who never sleeps or slumbers, heaven is getting busy on your behalf and accomplishing more for your life than you could ever dream or imagine for yourself.

…“Peace, be still!”    Jesus Christ.

By Kim Feeney