Get Involved


GLS needs you!

Here is how you can partner with GLS in fulfilling the Great Commission:

Invest in the Lord’s work by:

1.  Contributing to some of GLS Projects below:

  • Sponsor book publication in Indian languages
  • Support charitable activities of GLS
  • Sponsor publication of witnessing tools like evangelistic tracts, booklets and books


2.  Promoting / Sponsoring Harvest Times, our monthly magazine:

  • Give gift subscriptions to people you know
  • GLS distributes around 3000 copies of Harvest Times every month. Copies are sent to evangelists and institutions free of cost. Subscriptions are not enough to meet all expenses of publishing the magazine, so Christians can help contribute.


3.  Sponsoring GLS staff:

  • GLS pays a monthly salary of Rs 22,000 to its 15 staff members. Sponsor GLS staff remuneration for three or six months or any period of your choice.

4.  Partner in Book Distribution:

  • Get GLS books and distribute them in your church or neighborhood.

5.Serve as a Council Member:

  • GLS is looking for born again believers from India as well as outside India who are actively involved in their local churches, to partner with us as Council Members.
  • They would need to make time for networking with other evangelical Christians for mobilizing prayer and resource support for GLS and promote its ministry and products in their respective areas.

Please send your details and a letter of recommendation from an Elder / Pastor of the local church you attend to