Israel Final Countdown revised edition launched

Israel Final Countdown revised edition launched

Mumbai: The revised edition of the book ‘Israel Final Countdown’ by Kumaru Nadesan has been launched and now is on sale. This comprehensive volume contains dramatic events from the patriarchal times through the catastrophic events that visited their seed after them in AD 70, the turbulent times of the World Wars, the unprecedented persecutions and sufferings that followed accelerating the birth of a nation and the colossal end time dramatic events that await not only the Jews but every man and woman born upon this earth and much more………

Brief overview of the book:

This book portrays the history of the calling of Israel in antiquity, God’s covenant with them, their rejection of God …… their captivities…… the catastrophic events that accelerated their return to their Land of Promise, the pricking thorns that keep pricking Israel, …. Hostilities…. the greatly feared Iran nuclear deal…. Iran-North Korea axis…. imperial ambitions of Russia …Chinese military muscle flexing, religious fanaticism across the globe-, the rapidly changing political upheavals – What do all these events point to? What is the future of Israel? – What is the future of nations? What is your future as an individual? To know answers to these and other baffling questions do not miss reading this book- A book fully packed with dramatic events from political secular history and Biblical history and prophecy. Do not miss reading this book to understand your own place in the grand purpose of God. A book of its kind for the first time reviewed by theologians and Bible scholars.

Book Reviews:

“……… throws profound light on why Israel has to exist as a nation to accomplish the covenantal blessings upon the nations and to fulfil God’s plan and purpose for man. General public, lay people, pastors, and students of theology will immensely benefit from reading this book”- Dr. Eliya Mohol, Dean-Doctoral Studies, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune.

“…….is a composite volume containing excellent account of Israel’s history, from patriarchal times through the turbulent times of World Wars, Jacob’s trouble and the reasons why Israel has to exist as a Nation to bring to fruition God’s plan for Israel and the entire humanity. Do not miss reading this book” – P. Abraham, Editor, Light of Life, Mumbai.

“………Unlike other writers of eschatology, the author gives the framework of past events from Biblical and secular political history and future events touching the destiny of Israel and other nations”- Joy John, Academic Dean, Asian Christian Academy, Hosur.

“………..ISRAEL: The Final Countdown is a solid and Scripturally-based eschatologicalwork that talks about the future of Israel and the only hope for mankind”- Robin Sam, Managing Editor, The Christian Messenger, Chennai.

Pages: 482

Price:   425 (add Rs 25 for postage)


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