New Year Poem

The New Year

” Jesus Himself went with them” (Luke 24:15).

Jesus Thyself draw near 

And with us go;

The way were dark with fear

Did we not know

Thou wilt to us step after step disclose,

And with Thine Arm defend from hidden foes.

If onward path look rough –

Far as we see –

Thou, who hast been enough, 

Enough wilt be

And in Thy strength, O Lord, our hearts grow strong

To face life’s journey, be it short or long.

Should there be hours, perchance,

That lonely seem,

When o’er our lifted glance

Breaks not a gleam,

O give us grace, Lord, then to trust Thee still,

Walking in darkness – yet to fear no ill.

Beyond all clouds – sun,star,

Shine on unmoved,

So Thy beloved ones are

For ever looked:

Our hand in Thine, our heart Thy humble throne,

We meet the year with Thee, Lord, not alone.

– J.H. Stuart

(adapted from The Gospel Steward)