The Legacy Lost and Pursued: A study on Non Formal Christian Counselling

Author – Caroline Jebadurai

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ISBN: 81-7820-343-0
* Why a book on Christian Counselling?
The 21st century we live in is ridden with vast emotional needs. The Church on the whole has failed to cater to its needs. We need books to encourage mature Christian believers to take up non-formal counselling.
* When did this ministry begin?
In the first century itself. Counselling is a heritage the early church has left for us.
*Who are supposed to be Christian counsellors?
Compassionate and empowered people with Christ’s image deeply embedded at the core of their deepest self. They have a natural bent for in-depth listening.
*What do you think is the main objective of this ministry?
To enable Counselees to make paradigm shifts in their style.
*To what extent should you go?
If counselees can see in the Counsellor the image of Christ – His love,concern,understanding,power – even for a moment during their sharing times, then it’s time that you take your hands off to let the Spirit of God take over.
*What are the steps involved in the counselling process?
To help counselees accept any painful situation, ‘experience’ the pain, work through it, assimilate the loss, grow and mature so that they can discover a new meaning and purpose for life.The author is Caroline Jebadurai.

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