The Scarlet Thread

Kumaru Nadesan

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The Scarlet Thread – The exciting story of transformation of a young Cananite woman.

Two brave Hebrew young men, who set out on a dangerous mission – to spy out the city state of Jericho, a highly fortified city, to find out the city’s layout, its fortifications, its military, its security and so on.  But unknown to the spies, they were followed by the secret service agents of the king. There in that unknown city, they were received in peace by Rahab, who was formerly a harlot. All of sudden there was continuous knock at her door……the spies were in danger…. the woman too was in danger for sheltering enemy spies.The story continues with her courageous and fearless work of faith. Much beyond this story, the book offers something which has everlasting value. The narration of the events in the book is very exciting! Do not miss it. Read on this real story. This book is an ideal gift for those whom you love!

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Kumaru Nadesan


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