Be a Better Dad Today!

Book Review of 'Be a Better Dad Today!'

Book Review

Indian Edition of US#1 National Best Seller

Book on Fatherhood- 10 Tools Every Father Needs

By The Honorable Gregory W Slayton

Foreword by Charles H Colson

 Published in November 2013 by GLS Publishing, Mumbai, Price Rs.300/-  USD 6. Buy online


Fatherhood- The Most important job a man will ever have!


Fatherhood is the most important job that any of us— including the President of the United States or the CEO of the world’s largest company—will ever have. It is the only role in life for which we are truly indispensable. Our futures, our family and our entire society depend on the job we do as a dad.


Be a Better Dad Today!  is a book for every one of us who want to be a better Fathers for our family. Written in an encouraging, fun to read style by bestselling author Gregory W. Slayton, Be a Better Dad Today! is designed to help each of us become better Fathers, better Husbands and better Men. It is bound to be an instant classic on the subject of Fatherhood. Background for Be a Better Dad Today!: Professor Slayton has studied the art and practice of Fatherhood on six different continents over the past 25 years. He grew up in a difficult family environment even before his father abandoned his family.

Professor Slayton has been married to his wife Marina for 22+ years. They have four great kids, the eldest two of whom are attending Ivy League universities. As a family they have weathered many storms – as all families must. But by God’s grace and with His help, all things are possible. Like its author, Be a Better Dad Today! is a work in process.

The Ten Basic Fatherhood Tools are highlighted in Be A Better Dad Today!! Like anyone trying to do a difficult job, Dads need the right tools to get the Fatherhood job done right. Be a Better Dad Today! I devoted an entire chapter to each of the Ten Tools Check out excerpts from each of the chapters.

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