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Life is a big school.God teaches us precious lessons and then He gives the test.”God tested Abraham”. If we pass the test we are eligible for higher lessons.But, remember the final exam is coming. After the joy of meeting with our blessed Lord, will come the searching of hearts. We must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ.2 Cor .5:10. The NT teaches about at least four fold great judgement and it is very important for us to know the difference: Let me put them in simple motif.(1).The judgement of the sinner’s sins on the cross.2). The judgement of the believer’s works at the judgement Seat of Christ.(3). The judgement of the living nations on earth when Christ returns in glory and power.Mt.25.31-46.(4). The judgment of the wicked dead at the Great White Throne. Rev.20.11-15.The first of these judgements is past, but the other three are still in the future. The second will take place immediately after the Lord has taken the Church to heaven. The third just before the Millennium, and the fourth at the end of the Millennium. Our lives and Christian service will be judged at the Judgement Seat of Christ. At that time the Lord Jesus Himself will examine the life of every Christian and his reason for what he did with his time, his gifts, strength and wealth while here on earth. 1 Cor 3.10-15.
Every Christian is using his life for God’s glory or for himself. The Lord will test every thing which we have done.Fire will destroy wood and grass, but gold and precious stones can’t burn.So the Lord will destroy all that has not been for His glory.Some believers have served the Lord for many years faithfully; their work will last forever. Others have wasted their lives; they will see every thing burned up and lost.It is clear that Christ will reward every thing the Christian has done to please his Lord. On the other hand there will be believers who lived for themselves and not for Christ. They will feel very sorry when they find out how foolish they were. They will not lose their salvation, but they will lose their reward. Our  salvation does not depend on our own works but on the work of Christ on the cross for us, but our reward depends on how we serve the Lord and what our true motives were?
The Lord Jesus Christ on the cross paid the price for every true believer to get to heaven. He has justified them all and will share His glory with them. But, they will not all get the same reward. God will reward each one according to the work he has done.1 Cor.3:8. Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be.Rev.22:12.(To be continued).
Have a blessed weekend.